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Dedicated & Certified

0 - 1

Infants at Toddler Town learn to

socialize and interact with each other.

Although we encourage learning shapes, colors, comparison skills, etc., through play and discovery; we are not lesson plan driven.  Instead we choose to let the infants lead us.  We work at their pace and provide various hands-on learning through sensory activities.


Toddlers at Toddler Town are

introduced to letters, numbers, colors and shapes.  Lesson plans include language development, learning the alphabet, recognizing numbers and learning to count.  At this stage, toddlers are becoming more independent and our teachers promote practicing life skills like hand washing, picking up toys and sharing with friends.


Our Preschoolers at Toddler Town

put their curiosity to the test through cooperative play and problem solving scenarios.  Alongside the Mother Goose Curriculum, we incorporate art, music, science, and discovery activities to encourage individual expression while preparing for Kindergarten.

We're having a blast all the while learning to tie our shoes, pledge allegiance and use our manners.


Welcome to

Toddler Town

Play. Learn. Grow. 

What Parents Think

“ I choose Toddler Town as our child care provider because I wanted a family oriented, safe, and responsible daycare for my son. As a single mother, I was amazed with how welcoming our first visit had been. Mrs. Velasquez is such a genuine care provider, and hires just as loving staff. "

- Kelsey Johnson

Our Approach

We know that choosing a child care center or a daycare facility is one of the most important decisions parents make. Our goal is to provide an affordable, quality child care center that facilitates the development of the whole child - social, intellectual, emotional, and physical - in a safe, fun, educational, and nurturing environment. 

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